‎When women of colour have argued that feminist politics need to be professed from different locations within specific histories of oppression, hegemonic feminism has broadened the very idea of difference to argue that its own project comes from a different place and is thus equally valid. Because mainstream feminism is so susceptible to selective amnesia, it forgets all too readily its role in the creation of the explicitly racialized woman. Furthermore because feminists are also citizens of nations, and because the Western nation state has become even more powerful post-9/11, members of the dominant majority respond to their national narratives and make Others of those who they have always claimed to include in ‘the sisterhood’. Governments of Western nations operate on a code of racial logic, reflected in myriad social practices. In the feminist nation the response is effected through parallel constitutions, codes of conduct and other regulatory bodies in the shape of academic hirings, project fundings, publishing practices, conference circuits and keynote speaker allocations
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